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I'm super excited to building boards in North Texas.  I can't wait to start attending some events in the area and see how much excitement we can generate.

I've been riding skateboards all my life.  I was never the hard-core skater, but I always enjoyed riding and working on boards.  In college, it was a blast to ride skateboards on campus and at the beach.  Now, my youngest son is totally into riding long boards and penny boards.  So I thought...hey...let's build these things together and start a business together.  And here we are.


We are going to be producing skateboards, long boards, cruisers and penny boards.  We have a couple of specialty boards on our menu.  One of them is totally carbon fiber...the other one is a 60" long board.  Take a look in our shop and order yours today.

Lance L.

Owner/operator/sales.  USMC and Air Force veteran.  When he's not making boards, he's selling boards or designing boards, etc.  Other than that, he's training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Christine L.

Christine is the "money-handler" for this organization.  She keeps the staff in-check about daily spending (VERY tough job).


Chris L.

Chris is the social marketing/design adviser for Bushido.  Chris works his own hours, but as long as he has his phone...he's probably working.

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